Research for Richard’s work has taken in trips to Japan, Russia and the US. The search for frontier technologies has led to everything from meeting human-like androids to visiting Yuri Gagarin’s perfectly-preserved office at Star City.

cosmonaut-frieze-edit2Moscow & Star City – April 2010: a web diary documenting Richard’s visit to Moscow and the Star City cosmonaut training centre, in search of relics from the Cold War. Read more.




ReplieeQ2 android image - face on

Repliee: Our Friend Electric – In September 2007, Richard travelled to Osaka to meet android designer Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro who explained his work on robotics and revealed that his research is leading him to ask – what does it mean to be human? Read more.




robosapiens images

Robosapiens – In February 2003, Richard made the first of two visits to MIT in Boston. This trip was documented for T3 Magazine and focuses on the lab’s innovative development of ‘social robots’. Read more.





Cyborg mystery image

The Cyborg Mystery – In 1998, Richard’s first published article appeared in UFO Magazine and focused on claims that the US Air Force had a secret programme in the 1970s to create cyborg pilots – this subject was revisited for 2011’s Kosmonaut Zero. Read more.